Police & Fire

Police & Fire

The Pelahatchie Police Department

The Pelahatchie Police Department is made up of ten officers including Chief Kevin Poole. The Pelahatchie Police Department is located on Brooks Street in downtown Pelahatchie.

Police Department


Police & EMERGENCY 9-1-1
For emergency police, medical, or fire services, dial 9-1-1. Emergency personnel will be dispatched immediately. Caller name, address and telephone number appears on a separate screen.

The Pelahatchie Police Department is concerned with preventing crime and solving problems in partnership with all residents. Officers are available to discuss home / neighborhood / personal security as well as specific topics concerning residents.

Contact the Pelahatchie Police Department at 601-854-5223 for further information.

Non-Emergency crimes may be reported by requesting an officer to respond to your residence or by stopping in at the police department located at 108 Brooks Street.

The Pelahatchie Police Department Team

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Willie Robinson, Shane Gibson, Brandon Dearman, Michael Griffin, Chief Kevin Poole, Jason Smith, Justin Stevens, Billy Pickles, Timothy Fikes, and Ken Sebren.

Pelahatchie Volunteer Fire Department

Fire Department

The Pelahatchie Volunteer Fire Department has served the Pelahatchie community for more than 60 years. They responds to fires and calls for emergency medical assistance from its fire station centrally located in the city on Hwy 80 next to City Hall.

For emergencies call 9-1-1.


Pelahatchie Volunteer Fire Fighters

Dillon Vancor, Linda Crestman, Dennis Jackson “Papa D”, Debra Scarberry, Joey White, Austin Brunt, and Carl Van Horn

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